Did you know there are approximately 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world?  What??  I think I have only tasted maybe five!  There are about 100 varieties grown commercially in the United States.  So of the ones you have tasted, do you have a favorite??

My favorite is the Honeycrisp apple, also known as Honeycrunch.  These delicious apples are true to their name with a sweet taste and crunchy bite.  While researching these crisp, juicy apples, I learned that the Honeycrisp has larger cells than other apples.  When biting into the apple, your mouth immediately fills with juice from these larger cells.  So if you want a really juicy apple, this is the one for you!!

However, if this is your favorite apple, you will notice a difference at the check out line.  Most often Honeycrisps are more than four times expensive than other varieties.  There are several reasons to blame for this sticker shock.  One very interesting reason is that the University of Minnesota still holds the patent.  For every Honeycrisp tree a farmer buys, they pay a $1 royalty to the University of Minnesota.  This is not the case for most other apples.

Whatever your favorite  apple may be, don’t forget, AN APPPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY!!