Greenville Produce is a family owned wholesale produce company that has been serving eastern North Carolina since 1991.  We pride ourselves on personable customer service and keeping it local.  We understand we would not be successful if it were not for the loyalty of our customers and the teamwork of local business owners and farmers. Greenville Produce is dedicated to supporting the local farming community by buying local first, and then reaching out depending on season.  It is our goal to deliver the highest quality fruits and vegetables at a fair price.

Greenville Produce maintains four different temperature zone coolers to optimize the quality of our products.  This gives the tomatoes their own ripening room, controlling the temperature and the ethylene gas.

Monday thru Friday our trucks deliver throughout eastern North Carolina, from I-95 to the coast and from Onslow County to the Virginia Border.  (ROUTE SCHEDULE)   We conveniently deliver in Greenville three times a day.  Our customers consist of grocery stores, restaurants, schools, produce stands, churches, and the general public.


Greenville Produce Company is a locally owned and operated business that supplies a large variety of products. If you follow the link below you can view our product list. Please contact our office with any questions 252- 758-1700.



Greenville Produce Company delivers on a weekly basis to communities in Eastern North Carolina. Check our route schedule and find the delivery day for your area. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a delivery please contact us at 252-578-1700.



To place your orders and/or schedule produce deliveries you can submit a contact request form via the websites contact form and someone will contact you shortly handle your order or you can call our office directly at 252-758-1700.



Biannually we are audited by a third party, USDA. It is a GAP audit, Good Agricultural Practices. Daily we monitor temperatures in the coolers and cleanliness of trucks. All staff are trained annually on food safety policy and procedures.